Studio Rentals

Our goal is to provide you with a high quality work environment that suits your needs. For part-time glass blowers, we can provide all the standard equipment (i.e. hand tools, pipes, etc) that you will need as part of the standard rental fee.

The shop is designed for a single group to be working at a time: you will not have to share the studio while you work.


The studio rental rate is $45/hr.

This is generally all-inclusive. We reserve the right under unusual circumstances, (excessive glass consumption, annealer, or gas use) to work out an excess use fee.


The studio is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm every day except Tuesdays when we are closed for charging and maintenance.

You must call ahead (415) 260-8590 to make a reservation. You can book a single slot, or you may book a repeating reservation for the same time each week. Repeating reservations have the highest priority.

The minimum slot time is 3 hours. You can book longer slots in increments of one hour.

The current schedule can be found online at

First Time

On your first visit, plan to arrive 30 minutes early so we can give you a tour of the shop and provide instructions on the various equipment that you will be using.


Other Facilties

The studio has a good set of equipment for fabricating in metal and wood. We have a modest set of cold working equipment.

Ask about policies and rates for this equipment.

Personal Color Catalog

Here's a simple browser-based page I've created that will allow you to look-up and add tags to glass manufacturers' colors. It covers the current catalogs from Gaffer, Kugler, and Reichenbach. Please note that any edits that you make are stored on your local device only.

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