Class Information

We offer a variety of private and group classes to suit your needs.

Private Classes

These classes provide individualized experiences in glassblowing. You will work with an instructor who will assist and guide you as you go through all the steps of making a glass piece. When you schedule a class with your friends, each person in your party will also make a piece in turn, with your instructor working with that person.

Private classes are scheduled by appointment. We are open every day except Tuesdays, and can schedule a class at any time, subject to availability.

Introductory Class

You will create a single glass piece with the help of your instructor.

We will start with a discussion on the safe usage of the studio's equipment. Then, working with the instructor, you will design your piece. If your class includes friends, they may be enlisted to help in its creation. The remainder of your time will be spent making your glass piece with the instructor's assistance.

Be sure to see below for all classes.

On-going Tutoring

If you have gone beyond the introductory instruction offered here or elsewhere and would like to improve your skills and understanding, we can provide specific multi-week courses or ongoing classes. The program of study you choose will be designed to meet your needs after discussion with the instructor.

Group Classes

Group classes are offered throughout the year. Class sizes are limited so please register early. Most group classes will have a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6 people in the class. Group classes will be taught by an instructor and a T/A. Group classes must be fully paid for in advance to hold a reservation.

We have not yet scheduled any of the group classes below -- please call if you are interested so that we can start solidifying the dates! We can also set up a custom date if you have enough interested friends to fill the minimum requirements for a class.


The Refresher is a one session class to introduce you, or reintroduce you, to glass blowing. It is a useful class for those who have taken the Introductory Class long ago and feel that they would like to refamiliarize themself with the techniques of glass blowing before taking one of the longer group classes. It can also be a fine alternative to an Introductory Class for those who would prefer the group setting and an emphasis on technique.

Glass 0

The Glass 0 course is the standard next step if you have taken an Introductory Class or Workshop. This class will take you in two sessions through a more detailed study of glass blowing techniques. In this class you will learn to move yourself and your glass more effectively. You will begin to understand the basic concepts of heating and cooling and gravity and inflation.

Glass 1

The Glass 1 course continues the technical emphasis of the Glass 0 course. In this class you will increase your understanding of heating and cooling, gravity and inflation. You will also begin to build your tooling skills, starting with turning and gathering, and moving into the uses of various hand tools. By the end of this course you will be able to make a drinking glass with only minimal assistance. Please bring a notebook to the class.

Glass 0 is not necessarily a prerequisite for this course, but you should have had a recent introductory class or workshop.

Instant Assistant

We are usually focussing on the skills you need to make a piece in our basic classes. You will also need to learn how to assist if you ever want to share a slot with one of your glass-making friends. Learn turning, blowing, shielding, heating, punty-making, and the ever-popular "bring me something to drink" skills that every good assistant needs to know.

Larger Groups

We can accomodate larger groups as well. We will work with you to plan an appropriate event for your group. These can range from a fully hands-on, classroom format to a more demonstration-oriented and simple project orientation. Pricing depends on the size of the group and the duration of the event, with prices starting at $125 per hour. Call to arrange your event at (415) 260-8590.

Special Classes and Events

Make a Valentine's Day Heart

Bring your valentine and join us for a special Valentine's Day workshop on Sunday, Feb 11 or Wednesday Feb. 14. You and your valentine will each make a glass heart with the help of your instructor. Glass Hand Studio will have a chocolate gift for each of you to take home that day.

Be sure to see below for all classes.

Mother's Day Glass Experience

Your mother deserves this! You and an instructor will be helping your Mother make a glass heart. You will receive training during the class so that you can bring the rainbow of colors that will be added to her heart while she puts it all together. Lots of fun for all!

Be sure to see below for all classes.

Before Your Class

Please arrive on time for your class. We will want to start promptly so that there is time to cover all the material. If you can come in a few minutes early, that's even better.

After Your Class

Your glass pieces will take hours to slowly cool down to room temperature. You will have to wait until at least the next day to take your work home. You should make arrangements to return to pick up your work within two weeks, or if that is inconvenient, we can ship most work to your home for an additional $20. Work left more than a month will probably become someone else's treasure unless you communicate your situation to us!

Clothing & Comfort


Your instructor will discuss safety issues with you before the class. Here are some of the main points to understand:

Online Instruction

With many thanks to our friend, Julian G., we have an introduction to glassblowing video here

Reminders and Cancellations

If you have made your class reservation more than a week ahead of the class date, and you have supplied us with a valid email address, we will send you an email reminder a few days before the class. Please note our cancellation policy:

For multi-week classes, to cancel from the entire class, you must notify us 2 weeks ahead of the first class session.

For private classes you must notify us 3 days before the class. If you do not provide this notification, we will charge you for the full price of the missed class.